Thinking Beyond Borders Now Offers College Credit!

At Thinking Beyond Borders, we’ve spent 12 years cultivating rigorous learning environments that push our students to engage with the world and ourselves in new ways.  That space was originally created outside of formal education because it is our belief that a truly student-centered learning experience cannot be detached or isolated from the real world.  It must be relevant, engaging, accessible to multiple types of learners, and allow space for students to explore their natural passions.  And until this year, that meant that students were choosing between engaging in authentic learning out in the real world and earning college credit in a classroom back home.

Now students can get the best of both worlds!

Thinking Beyond Borders is proud to announce that starting this year, our students have the opportunity to engage in authentic inquiry with the real world on our gap year programs AND simultaneously earn college credit for their participation.

Why make this switch to college accreditation?

A college credit option makes our program more accessible.  Any TBB student interested in earning college credit for their gap program can now access their 529 Educational Funds to use toward their gap year tuition.

A college credit option adds additional value to our programs.  By earning college credit while traveling, your gap experience is now more directly applicable to higher education than ever.  You can get out of the classroom to challenge yourself in the real world, and stay on track with your peers back home at the same time.

This college credit option doesn’t change the Thinking Beyond Borders gap experience and students can still participate without earning college credit if they so choose.  We’ve taken steps to ensure that the TBB student learning experience and our existing curricular units, will not be altered. Our educational approach will continue to emphasize student-centered exploration of the world and ourselves while encouraging students to reengage with their natural love of learning.  In fact, the only addition we created for students who choose to earn credit, is a short, written reflection at the end of the course.

We feel strongly that accrediting our curriculum is an important step to take on the path towards greater program accessibility and value and are pleased to create this opportunity while preserving what makes learning on a TBB program special; authentic inquiry driven by students exploring the world and themselves.

For more information, please visit our college credit page.