Global Gap Year Alumni Testimonial: Patty

Patty discusses her Global Gap Year (2016) experience with Scott Ingram. Patty joins the call from the University of Denver, where she is currently a freshman. She decided to take a gap year during her senior year, when she discovered that learning can happen outside the classroom, with experience that a college couldn’t provide. She admits that she was also burned out from her rigorous high school.

TBB was the first program she found, but continued to search through other gap years only to realize that this was the program for her. She loved the idea of traveling and learning with a group and with committed program leaders, loved that she’d be living with host families and engaging with local professionals on a broad range of topics. She was also drawn to TBB because of its multi-destination itinerary (she said she would never be able to decide on just one) as well as an academic focus.

One of Patty’s favorite parts of the program was the homestay experience she had in South Africa, Thailand, Ecuador, and India. They were such amazing and unique times that she says she never would have experienced if she didn’t do a program like TBB. She tries to compare the homestays, which is difficult for her because they were so different. She says that she really connected with her South African host family because of the shared language and having host siblings near her age. But she loved her Thai host family just as much, yet didn’t share any of the language and left really only knowing a few words and hand gestures.

Patty says that TBB set her up for a successful college career. She immediately got on campus and knew which clubs she wanted to join, the groups with missions she could stand behind, and the people on campus she chose to befriend. She had her initial worries that she’d “feel old” on campus, or “behind” her high school friends, but she quickly found that age doesn’t matter on a college campus, and that her experience with TBB only helped her find her place there.

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