GGY: Vulnerability

The Thinking Beyond Borders curriculum is part academic and part self-exploratory. One of the main themes of our ‘Who Am I’ seminar series is vulnerability. Why is vulnerability so hard to practice at times? What are the benefits of expressing vulnerability? How can you work to be more vulnerable with those you trust? This blog is all about opening yourself up to vulnerability from the mind of a recent GGY graduate, Emma. You can check out her full blog at

Greetings from rainy Tecpan!

I am still doing great here in Guatemala and have been really establishing a routine, which is great! We have been having seminars 3x a week, aside from farming 3 or 4x a week, depending on the weather. I am working on my media project and am in the process of interviewing women in my host family about growing up a woman in Tecpan!

I have also been listening to podcasts and have been reflecting on one I listened to a few weeks ago at Orientation.

If you have not listened to Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability, I highly recommend that you do so 🙂

I found so much of her words to be true, and so much of her words to make me think.

One point that I have personally been thinking through so much in my daily life, is the idea that you cannot selectively numb emotions. We often try to numb emotions of pain and discomfort, and without knowing it, are numbing joy, gratitude and happiness too.

This is something that feels incredibly relevant to my life and to the way that I process my emotions. I have been much more aware of my involuntary numbing and have been spending these last few weeks trying to lean into those emotions instead.

I thought I would share this, as I know I am probably not alone in selective numbing emotions.

Lots of Love,