Gap Year Student Testimonials

At Thinking Beyond Borders, our intentions are clear – we aim to empower and inspire students to address critical global issues. Our gap year programs do this by preparing students for their college and professional careers, and for their personal lives. Below you will find testimonials from students who share their experiences with TBB. You can watch parent testimonials.

TBB Alumni share why they think every student should take a gap year.

TBB Alumni explain how their gap year helped them find the purpose and direction they needed for college and life.

Katie Ho, TBB Global Gap Year ’12, Mount Holyoke College ’16 tells how TBB helped bring excitement and direction to her college studies.

Arden Haselmann, Global Gap Year ’12, Wheaton College ’16 shares how learning outside the classroom with TBB helped her fall in love with learning again.

Andrew Kim, Global Gap Year ’12, Harvard University ’16 shares how his TBB gap year gave his college years meaning and purpose.

Kelsey Phinney, Global Gap Year ’12, Wellesley College ’16 tells how her gap year with TBB brought passion and purpose to her learning.

Rayn Riel, TBB Global Gap Year ’11, Tufts University ’15 tells how TBB helped him find direction for his college and professional careers.