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Latin America Gap Semester

An incredible gap semester program living and learning in Latin America! You’ll become a part of families in two countries and learn Spanish through study and immersion. You’ll also learn how education can empower and how new innovations are creating more sustainable communities. And, you’ll do it all with friends who will be with you for life!



Program Details

Fall Application Due

July 31

Spring Application Due

Jan 15

Program Length

13 Weeks




$1,750 (costs may vary)

Fall '18 Dates

Sept 10 – Dec 9, 2018

Spring '19 Dates

Feb 11 – May 12, 2019

Group Size

18 students & 3 Program Leaders

Latin America Gap Semester

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Empowerment & Sustainability

Meaningful solutions to challenges facing communities require more than giving to charity or simple volunteer projects. Explore how education can lead to empowerment in Costa Rica and how innovations are making cities more sustainable in Guatemala.



Unit 1: Environmental & Food Sustainability - Guatemala

As communities around the world adapt to changes in climate, culture and globalization, the question of how to manage natural resources in rural areas is more pressing than ever. Maintaining rural livelihoods, slowing rural depopulation, and harnessing natural resources in a responsible manner are challenges that will determine the development trajectory of many countries. In Guatemala, you’ll live with indigenous families to learn the innovative ways rural people are creating economic opportunity while preserving their environment and culture. You’ll work alongside grassroots organizations to see how they balance the needs of people, profit, and planet in their efforts to increase sustainability. Students spend four weeks in the town of Tecpán, working alongside local farmers who are dedicated to farming corn, strawberries, mushrooms and cabbages and other crops.



Enrichment Week: Volcano Trekking – Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s rich history and stunning landscapes create the backdrop for this week of exploration, adventure and reflection. This enrichment week includes:

  • Granada: Explore the cobblestoned streets and colonial era architecture of this picturesque city at the top of lake Nicaragua.
  • Isla de Ometepte: Formed by two striking volcanic peaks in the middle of the largest body of freshwater in Central America, you’ll spend your days relaxing and swimming in the lake, hiking to a volcanic peak, and exploring the island on horseback.


Unit 2: Education that Empowers - Costa Rica

Education can empower individuals and communities to improve health and create equity and justice. You’ll investigate how governments, nonprofits, and individuals use education to meet the needs of growing communities. Your group will work to provide support to English teachers in public high schools and community colleges to understand education in Costa Rica. You’ll live with local families and learn how parents and their children are affected by education. Students work two different high schools and one community college in Cartago. TBB students work alongside teachers in classrooms as teachers’ assistants. Program Leaders provide the students with some basic workshops on classroom management and lesson prep and hold weekly debrief sessions to help students brainstorm approaches for their classrooms.



Culmination: Washington, D.C.

There is no city in the world with more people working to create change than Washington, DC. You’ll meet representatives from the World Bank, UN Foundation, and leading international organizations to discuss how we can create more empowered and sustainable communities.

In the final days, students will work to create a final project – a presentation culminating their experiences. At the end, we will host a graduation for you and your families to attend to celebrate your year’s accomplishments.

Unit 1: Environmental & Food Sustainability - Guatemala

Enrichment Week: Volcano Trekking – Nicaragua

Unit 2: Education that Empowers - Costa Rica

Culmination: Washington, D.C.

Latin America Gap Semester Reviews

Success Stories

“Anyone wishing to have a gap year experience that gives them the chance to marvel at the world’s wonders, make a rewarding community service impact, and learn more about oneself should do TBB. It transformed how I see the world, my country, and myself. Now, I feel more fulfilled and know how I want to cultivate a meaningful life as an agent of change.”

Meg Stolberg

Latin America Gap Semester

“I had the most wonderful, enriching, mind-widening, and memorable three months of my life. Not only was I able to dive into new cultures and become parts of 2 wonderful families, but I also learned the importance of asking questions and got inspired by seminars about education and sustainable agriculture. This program definitely covers all spectrums you would want a gap year program to cover and can make your gap year meaningful!”

Pauline Groth

Latin America Gap Semester


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