Fundraiser Inspiration: Jumping Beyond Borders

Deciding to take a gap year is a valuable investment in your future.  Taking a year off between high school and college will help give you more direction for your future and open your eyes to the world beyond your hometown.  As with any investment, a gap year or gap semester can fall out of your price range, and we encourage our students to take ownership over their future by fundraising and working to make their dreams a reality.

Are you in need of some creative fundraising ideas and advice?  Curious to know if it really is possible to raise enough for a Thinking Beyond Borders program?

Meet Meg, a Global Gap Year alumna from 2014.

Meg was able to fundraise over $10,000 to help fund her gap year around the world and we love how she did it!  Check out her creative campaign to ‘Jump Beyond Borders’.  She was even featured in her local paper which helped get the word out about her fundraiser.

“I was transformed during TBB because we asked questions about ourselves, 

each other and the world. And once we had unpacked the questions for hours, days, months; we returned to the same question and asked it again.” -Meg, GGY ’14

Proof she really jumped, and you can, too!

Below are some excerpts from her fundraising campaign plea on Indiegogo:


The Bunny Hops Begins: Summary:
My name is Meg John. I’m a senior in High School from Vermont.  In the one hallway that equals my high school, I’ve been given a spark to further my education and to begin my life by giving back. I have been accepted into an AWESOME program called Thinking Beyond Borders (TBB). I have the opportunity to travel to six different countries around the world and learn about the global issues the communities face and to try and find potential solutions to help. I can’t think of a better way to start a new chapter of my life, or what better organization to support. Your contributions not only help me, but they also support the program and a philosophy of lending a helping hand all around the world. Thanks for reading and it would mean so much to me if you took the time to donate and spread the word.  As a pledge of my commitment, I will jump once for every $1 that is raised!!!!

Getting To the Top! (The Money Break Down)

The Tuition costs $30,000
Yes it’s a little overwhelming because I’m starting from zero and I need the money by July 1st.

…Which means, I need to raise only $10,000 in tuition! …. plus, $6,000 for airfare and travel expenses.

My ultimate goal is to raise $16,000

PERKS!! You Get Something Out Of This TO!
$10: The BUNNY HOP A Deep Gratifying Smile! Your support is AWESOME!
$25: The KANGAROO: The above, plus, on my trip I will keep a blog to document my experience. If you donate $25 I’ll give you a subscription to my blog so you can hear the stories of my travels!
$50: The HURDLE: All of the above PLUS a collection of digital pictures of me “jumping” around the world.
$100: The JUMP: All of the above PLUS postcard from a country I visit!
$250: The POLE VAULT: All of the above plus I will give you a digital collection of the media projects I make on the trip!!!! See what I learned.
$500: The BUNGEE JUMP: All of the above, plus a Photo Album of my trip! (including a photo of me jumping in each country!)
$1000: SKY DIVE: ALL OF THE ABOVE plus a collection of personal stories (that didn’t make it to the blog), world fun facts, photos, recipes. A scrapbook collection of the experience.
I Land on Two Feet: Itinerary of the Gap Year: Impact and Extra Details of the Program:
Why this would mean SO much to me:
Other ways to Help

I totally understand that dollars can be tight. I would be “eternally grateful” if you would mass share this campaign to all your friends with a good vibe along with it. If I am able to go, I would be enabling TBB to grow and become more accessible to everyone. One step at a time!! It’s still an expensive program but if people can give it support it will begin to grow stronger and be able to reduce prices substantially!

The other way you can help, is to have a conversation about our world, about a critical global issue, about your community and how to make it better. I know having a conversation can sound hokey but it’s worth it. You never know when simply by saying the words you will become inspired to follow a new found passion.

I want to give a shout out to all the people who have helped make this possible and who have supported me.