TBB’s Commitment to Equality & Inclusion

At Thinking Beyond Borders, we recognize the value of diversity on our gap year programs, in student backgrounds, perspectives, socio-economic status, race, and sexual orientation, among others. We strive, through our student recruitment, marketing efforts, and partnerships to foster and facilitate this important diversity across programs, and invite our community to join us in understanding these initiatives and pushing them forward.

Equality & Inclusion Goals

Goal 1: Increase Financial Aid to Need-Based Students
TBB’s scholarship program is available for full-year Global Gap Year programs, as well as our semester programs, and is based on financial aid. We invite you to learn more about our financial aid programs at https://thinkingbeyondborders.org/gap-year-programs-2/tuition-scholarships/.
Starting in 2019, TBB plans to expand the availability of financial aid to students through scholarship partnerships and increased fundraising efforts within the organization, making gap year programs more accessible to a greater number of students.

Goal 2: Enhance the Recruitment of Under-Represented Students
TBB’s recruitment of diverse students is key to the continual improvement and impact of the gap year experience. TBB is committed to enhancing our recruitment efforts of students through the following marketing & partnership initiatives:

  • Promoting a clear diversity & inclusion statement across the Thinking Beyond Borders website
  • Representing a diverse student body in program photos in the TBB website and in brochures and other marketing materials
  • Annually review our marketing efforts for inclusion of diverse students
  • Conducting an annual staff training for all recruitment and programming staff to include sensitivity and information for a diverse student body
  • Revise & review student intake questionnaires to include additional questions on diversity, to better monitor our outreach efforts
  • Increasing outreach to HBCUs to increase student participation prior to and during the college experience

Goal 3: Enhance the Recruitment & Retention of a Diverse Staff at TBB
Important to TBB’s goals for diversity is to include a diverse team to support all students. Our current recruitment efforts extend to experts in the social justice and international education spaces, and we recognize the importance of diversity across student leadership. Prior to the 2019 staff recruiting season, a full review of our recruiting channels is being conducted to expand our efforts to include a more diverse team, including outreach on websites that are inclusive of diversity in recruitment of educators from a variety of backgrounds.

Goal 4: Enhance Learning Opportunities for Students to Explore Diversity
TBB’s curriculum currently includes specific seminars designed to help students explore and understand their own diversity, as well as the diversity of the world around them. Key to this curriculum piece is the “Who Am I?” unit of our curriculum, dedicated to self-exploration and understanding and empathy of peers and peer groups. Additional seminars focused on inclusion and diversity are being developed to supplement this curriculum, and optional seminars are being reviewed to be included as core to our curriculum, including seminars on socio-economic status, race, and sexual orientation.

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