Student Media Projects

The purpose of the Media Project component of the programs TBB offers gap year students is to challenge you to conduct primary source research, synthesize your learning into new conclusions and then articulate them clearly to a new audience. By utilizing the media, you consider how to motivate and engage your audience to create change. Additionally, the Media Projects serve to educate a broad audience by reaching out in various formats through the Internet to challenge the assumptions of classrooms, families, and individuals who access the materials. Check out some examples below!

African Rationales: Challenging Western Views on HIV/AIDS

By: Michele Lis and Andrew Kim (TBB 2012)

Injustice in Motion

By Julia Jones (TBB 2012)

Illuminating Poverty, An Emotional Landscape

By Michele Lis (TBB 2012)

Women of Ban Huay Hee

By Katie Cromack, Alexandra Duncan, and Becca Title (TBB 2009)

War and the Environment

By Alexis Kidd, John Kline, Renee Slajda, and Becca Title (TBB 2009)

Overheard in Plett

By Lucy Griswold (TBB 2010)

Strawberries in January

By Emily Ausubel and Alexis Kidd (TBB 2009)


By Genevieve Moss-Hawkins (TBB 2010)

What’s for dinner?

By Lily Bullitt, Katie Robson, and Renee Slajda (TBB 2009)

Breaking the Straw Ceiling

By Marianna Brady, Bridget Callahan, Lucy Griswold, and Calypso Thomson (TBB 2010)

American Identity and Global Leadership

By Lucy Griswold (TBB 2010)

Women in India: Our Journey

By Marianna Brady and Genevieve Moss-Hawkins (TBB 2010)

Clean Water Solutions

By Emily Ausubel, Renee Slajda, and Zach Toedtman (TBB 2009)

Basketball in China

By Marianna Brady and Jonny Reindollar (TBB 2010)

AIDS: A Women’s Disease

By Marianna Brady (TBB 2010)