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Pursuing careers and lives that create meaningful change isn’t easy. We feature interviews of Millennials succeeding at the front lines of equity and social justice work. They authentically share the stories of the challenges, successes, and setbacks they face professionally and personally. You’ll find hope, insights, and inspiration in the questions they ask of themselves, the world, and how they can create change. These young professionals share the bond of being alumni of the Thinking Beyond Borders programs, where they developed their capacities for empathy, humility, and passionate pursuit of purpose.

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Episode 6: Grappling with Privilege in Global Health Work

“Is this sector going in the right direction, and do I want to be a part of it?” Emily Ausubel was inspired in high school by Dr. Paul Farmer to find ways to contribute to global public health. With experiences in organizations of various sizes and locations around the world, she shares deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the public health sector. She also reflects on her confrontations with her privilege and how they inform her work, relationships, and life.

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Episode 5: The Pedagogy of Equity & Justice

“I am a white person. I am also an educator. I'm someone who has power.” When Lucy Griswold set out to become an urban public school teacher, her motivations for doing so were beyond usual calls to close the achievement gap. Liberation, not test score increases, was her goal. As a White woman teaching at a racially and economically diverse public school in Texas, she’s flipping the normal power dynamics of the classroom on their head. She shares stories of the creativity and humility needed to overcome the barriers to connecting with her students and the subject of study across boundaries of race and class. She reflects on how teaching is liberating for her, too.

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Episode 4: Snapchat, Untold Stories, & the Future of Journalism

“Why do I have the right to tell this story?” Marianna Brady entered journalism because storytelling is how empathy spreads. Now, she’s stepping to the forefront of the field to leverage the power of new technology like Snapchat to the BBC. As a feminist and activist, she holds strong views. Yet, she takes on the role of journalist to amplify the voices and experiences of others, even those she disagrees with. Here she shares the struggle to balance her determination to create change with self-care and happiness.

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Episode 3: Representing Child Immigrants Seeking Asylum

“Ever since then I trust nothing. I expect nothing. Because it does often feel pretty random.” Becca Title is a lawyer representing immigrant children from Latin America seeking asylum. Most of her clients have fled threats and violence in their home countries. The outcomes of their cases will determine whether they will grow up safely in the United States or be sent back to the danger they were trying to escape. Becca shares how she copes with the stress, the hope she finds in her child clients, and how the skills she learned in theater play in her work. She also reflects on the importance of recognizing one’s limits and finding career opportunities that are sustainable in the long term.

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Episode 2: Restorative Justice Outside & Inside the Criminal Legal System

“It forced me to share something personal that is not always easy or comfortable to share. And that's what they've been doing all along.” Anthony Marqusee started volunteering in a Philadelphia prison during college. His collaborative work with incarcerated men in restorative justice practice is part of his broader effort to reform the criminal legal system. It’s also become part of his exploration of his own identity as a trans person.

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Episode 1: Radical Feminism & Gynecology

“I want to take my pants off for science.” At the age of 23, Alexandra Duncan turned her fierce feminism into a business and career empowering women through humanizing gynecology. Three years later, her company, Praxis Clinical, is helping leading universities rethink reproductive health training. In this interview, she shares the story of her vision, successes, and struggles.

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Bonus Episode: Learning to Change the World

“What do you think humanity's greatest potential looks like, and what does it mean to contribute to that in meaningful ways?” In this bonus episode for season 1, Thinking Beyond Borders’ Founder & President, Robin Pendoley, shares why Millennials give him hope, a vision for social impact education, and his definition of international development.

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Meet Our Partners

Robin Pendoley - Host

Robin is Founder & President of Thinking Beyond Borders, an educational institution helping young people develop the capacities to be exceptional social impact leaders. With a BA in International Development at UCLA and an EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Robin’s work is focused on understanding how meaningful impact is created and replicated. He is humbled and inspired every day by the learning and work of the students, educators, and alumni of the Thinking Beyond Borders community.

Julia Jones - Editor & Producer

Julia is an alumt of TBB’s Global Gap Year class of 2012. She received her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises from Syracuse University. Having studied and worked around the world, she has now joined the Thinking Beyond Borders staff, supporting our US operations and serving as a Program Leader for our Gap Year Programs. She is thrilled to continue her exploration of social justice, global issues, and deeper cultural understanding alongside students.

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