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What is unique about Thinking Beyond Borders’ gap programs? What kind of meaningful gap experiences will be available next year?  And who is the “successful” TBB student? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our recent webinar!
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Thinking Beyond Borders curricular units are designed to highlight the complexities of critical issues around the globe so our students understand them as the relevant, dynamic topics which they are.  Inevitably, these new understandings leave our students with a big question at the end of every unit: “What can I do to create change?” That
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Gap years have long been a staple of adolescent transition to adulthood in many countries throughout the world, but they have been slower to catch on in the United States; a country with a world-renowned higher education system.  But what happens when cracks begin to form in that system and the traditional conveyor belt of
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Molly Fox, alumna of the Global Gap Year 2018/19 cohort, shares reflections from her gap program with Thinking Beyond Borders and how it allowed her to take ownership of her path forward. Why did you choose Thinking Beyond Borders? Signing up for a gap year with Thinking Beyond Borders was the best decision of my
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TBB’s 2020 Global Gap Year cohort returned to the United States on March 7th and completed their final program culmination on March 28th with a virtual graduation.  Below are some reflections from alumna, Sidra Kennedy, on her travels abroad and how she plans to incorporate her time with TBB into her future. I made it
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What is a Lifelong Learner? Thinking Beyond Borders students leave their gap programs with many takeaways, but one trend in particular has become apparent throughout the years.  Students graduate with a newfound understanding and appreciation for the learning process.  They become liberated from the idea that learning happens in a classroom elusively, and further examine
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What Is Gap Year Graduation? Each spring has brought a cherished occasion at Thinking Beyond Borders for the past 12 years; the graduation of our 7-month Global Gap Year program. Kelly Sanders, TBB’s Director of Programs, describes graduation as “the opportunity for students to share a snapshot of their transformative gap year with friends and
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There are many benefits of taking a gap year after completing 12 consecutive years of formal education in the classroom.  For students to fully recognize these benefits however, there should be purpose and meaning behind gap year plans and most importantly, a gap year can’t be a blip on the radar, isolated and disconnected from
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Each Thinking Beyond Borders program includes several curricular units on issues relating to Education, Environment or Public Health.  Our students engage with these topic through experiential learning and partnering with members of their host community, as well as participating in a group seminar space facilitated by Program Leaders to help process and contextualize their time
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As we approach mid-February, high school seniors around the country are beginning to receive questions from all directions about their post-high school plans.  Tune in to our webinar to find answers to your most pressing gap year questions! What is a gap year? Who takes a gap year? How do I begin planning my gap