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There are many benefits of taking a gap year after completing 12 consecutive years of formal education in the classroom.  For students to fully recognize these benefits however, there should be purpose and meaning behind gap year plans and most importantly, a gap year can’t be a blip on the radar, isolated and disconnected from
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Each Thinking Beyond Borders program includes several curricular units on issues relating to Education, Environment or Public Health.  Our students engage with these topic through experiential learning and partnering with members of their host community, as well as participating in a group seminar space facilitated by Program Leaders to help process and contextualize their time
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As we approach mid-February, high school seniors around the country are beginning to receive questions from all directions about their post-high school plans.  Tune in to our webinar to find answers to your most pressing gap year questions! What is a gap year? Who takes a gap year? How do I begin planning my gap
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Thinking Beyond Borders is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as one of only 6 preferred programs chosen to participate in the Duke Gap Year Program at Duke University.   “Duke University supports students who wish to take a gap year before enrolling. We believe a gap year is an excellent opportunity for
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What is the impact of a gap year program?  When researching gap year options, this is a great question to ask!  Alumni are perhaps the best group of people to hear from, as they’ve been through the program themselves and can speak openly with you about their experiences. For a closer look at the lasting
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As we begin the new decade, it seems like a good time to pause and reflect on the past decade’s trends in education.  What are we doing as a society to prepare students to live meaningful lives?  Are we equipping students to become responsible, caring and active citizens?  Will they be ready to face novel
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Global Gap Year Alumna, Corey Schmolka, reflects on how her experience with Thinking Beyond Borders impacted her college transition and first semester at Bowdoin College:   “What is going on?” This was one of my most asked questions throughout TBB. My journey with Thinking Beyond Borders was completely unlike anything I had ever done before.
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If you missed the first blogs in this series covering TBB’s three core academic curriculums, we encourage you to read them first: #1 Environmental Sustainability #2 Education #3 Public Health The final post in this series will cover TBB’s sub-curriculum on identity development, called “Who am I?” Departing from the pattern of inquiry surrounding a
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If you missed the first blogs of our series, Behind the Scenes of TBB Curriculum, we encourage you to go back and read them both: #1 Environmental Sustainability #2 Education We will now explore Thinking Beyond Borders’ third curricular unit on Public Health.  TBB’s Global Gap Year Program is the only program which offers this
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The Value of TBB By: Marion Herring (TBB Parent Alumni for Global Gap Year 19-20)   Molly grew up as an incredibly independent and driven child.  She was always determined to make her own way, and she defined this way with her own conscience and ideals.  She aggressively competed in the classroom, on the volleyball