Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interviews

A blog post from Kacie, an alumna from our Latin America Gap Semester Fall 2018.  You can check out her full blog right here!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful words with us, Kacie ❤ “Social media is a powerful tool. Yet, social media also tends to be a platform where people feel validated in their
Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interview Sophie
Sophie joins Julia to discuss her Latin America Gap Semester, as well as her experience as a German student on the program. Sophie wanted to take a gap year initially because she was burned out from her high school and wanted to travel and see the world. When she found TBB, her initial goals for
Krisz Gap Year Alumni Interview
Krisz joins Kasha to talk about the Latin America Gap Semester that they both participated in the Fall of 2015. Krisz is now at Franklin & Marshall College as a student, and Kasha is one of TBB’s Alumni Fellows and served as a program leader on Krisz’s trip. As a collegiate athlete, Krisz was only
Vanessa Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interview
Vanessa and Kasha talk about their Latin America Semester in Fall 2015; Vanessa as a student and Kasha as the Alumni Fellow program leader. Vanessa’s path to her gap semester with TBB began after her first year in college, when she evaluated her freshman year on a college campus and realized she was “going through
Emma Sophie Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interview
Emma and Sophie chat with Julia, TBB’s alumni fellow, about their Latin America Semester this past fall, 2016. Emma and Sophie join this call from Nicaragua, where they are together on the second semester of their gap year. Emma and Sophie talk a lot about what it means to be on their gap year right