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Thursday, 13 June 2013 / Published in Freshman Study Abroad
Freshman Study Abroad Student with Mentor
The first, second, and third posts in this series made the case for freshman study abroad programming as a fix for the value crisis in higher education. I asserted that colleges and universities offer undergraduates enormous value. This value is dramatically under-utilized because students arrive on campus lacking the purpose and direction needed to take
Gap Year Programs Thinking Beyond Borders FAQ
In response to my last post “Bringing Purpose to Higher Education,” a reader posted a comment highlighting a key concern that is central to most students: money. Study abroad programs generally are expensive. They are particularly expensive when they come in the form of gap years, as this is an addition to the cost of
How Children Succeed and Purpose in Higher Education
The higher education crisis isn’t about price. It’s about value. The issue lies in the fact that undergraduates arrive on campus unprepared. Sure, they may have great grades and test scores, but that only indicates that students are proficient in achieving great grades and test scores. Higher education offers exceptional learning opportunities, but without a
Thursday, 14 March 2013 / Published in Freshman Study Abroad
Gap Year Programs Research Purpose and Direction
There is a crisis in higher education. And, freshman study abroad programming could be a critical part of the solution. In this series, I’ll explore how freshman study abroad can bring value back to higher education. I’ll also share Thinking Beyond Borders’ research and experience related to the design principles of successful freshman abroad programming.