Announcing our new partnership with Duke University

Thinking Beyond Borders is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as one of only 6 preferred programs chosen to participate in the Duke Gap Year Program at Duke University.


“Duke University supports students who wish to take a gap year before enrolling. We believe a gap year is an excellent opportunity for them to grow, reflect, and get a fresh perspective before diving into another four-year academic experience,” states Christoph Guttentag, Duke’s Dean of Admissions. “We are pleased to work with organizations like Thinking Beyond Borders to support gap year experiences and make them more accessible to students from a diverse range of backgrounds.”


Moving forward, Thinking Beyond Borders will be offering Duke Gap Year Students a $5,000 discount when they enroll in our Global Gap Year program. This discount can be combined with Duke’s scholarship awards and need-based financial aid packages of up to $15,000. This discount will help students of all backgrounds be able to participate in a transformative journey which prepares them to better understand and improve the world around them. We are proud to take this step in making the gap year experience accessible to a larger population.

The Duke Gap Year Program (DGYP) is available to students admitted to Duke as first year undergraduates. Thanks to our status as a preferred program, the deferral process into Duke is a smooth process. Whether you’re taking a gap year through the DGYP or independently, your place in the following year’s class will be held as long as you agree to Duke’s conditions of deferral

You may also choose to defer your enrollment to Duke and take a gap year independent of the DGYP. However, all students taking a gap year, either independently or through the DGYP, are required to enroll at Duke the following year.

Additionally, all students are responsible for applying to specific gap year experiences in programs. Thinking Beyond Borders’ Global Gap Year is specifically designed to prepare students for transition to college and adulthood. This journey across seven countries will immerse students in new cultures, reinvigorate their curiosity for knowledge, and help channel their passion for making a long-lasting impact on the world. If you’re looking for more ideas, take a look at Where To Start and read through our Student Blogs.

A gap year is an incredible opportunity to make learning meaningful. Take the time to explore the world, learn how to make a difference, get hands-on education, and take comfort in knowing that your university supports you every step of the way. If you’re looking for more information, contact Isaac Galef-Brown, Director of Outreach and Program Development or reach out to the DGYP.