Alumni Spotlight: Emma!

Meet Emma, an alumna of our Latin America Gap Semester 2016.  Emma went on to attend the University of Colorado as an Environmental Studies major.  Keep reading for her full interview!


How has your gap experience influenced/contributed to your academic and professional goals?
The more time that has passed since my gap year the more I’ve begun to see the transformative impacts of my experience. I have more confidence in my skills, socially, professionally, and personally. I have a unique perspective on my life in the US and it has allowed me to approach problems and tasks more holistically. I feel more prepared to take on difficult classes and jobs and more comfortable connecting with peers and mentors for guidance when needed.
How did your gap year influence your approach to social justice?
It has only pushed me to become a more vocal member of my community. The opportunity to discuss and deeply reflect on my privilege has made me acutely aware of its role in my daily life and I have taken every opportunity to listen and work alongside others that do not have the same privilege.
What’s one piece of advice you’d have for anyone considering taking a gap year?
DO IT. The chance to take a step back from traditional academics to learn in new formats about yourself and the world is truly unique. A gap year offers a path for growth that is hard to come by in traditional settings and will leave you more prepared to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that exist beyond it. It will provide clarity on your aspirations, incredible job opportunities, and relationships that will remain with you for years to come.
Thanks for sharing with us, Emma!