Alumni Spotlight: Clare!

Clare is an alumna of our Latin America Gap Semester 2017.  She then went on to the University of Vermont to study Environmental Studies and Studio Art and she now works as a current writing and research intern at Interlock Media in Boston.  What an impressive resume!


“Inspired by my time learning about environmental justice in Guatemala, I wrote this article in Spring 2019 for UVM’s environmental magazine, Headwaters. I’m super proud to be published for something I’m really passionate about. I’m on page 21!”  Article link here.

How has your gap experience influenced/contributed to your academic and professional goals?
My experience/the curriculum definitely helped me pinpoint my passions, interests, and goals. I can proudly say I no longer answer “no idea” when asked what I want to do. I was also put into many situations that improved my group problem solving skills by ten fold, which I’m really grateful for.
How did your gap year influence your approach to social justice?
It made me far more impassioned and involved than I had been previously. I’m now a direct and effective activist, rather than a sympathetic bystander who reads articles about protests.
What’s one piece of advice you’d have for anyone considering taking a gap year?
It will change the way you exist in certain spaces, for the better. It’ll also make you mature enough to start your college career, which you probably aren’t yet (I wasn’t).
Thanks for sharing with us, Clare!