Alumni Spotlight: Brennan!

Meet Brennan!

Brennan is an alum of our Latin America Gap Semester 2011 program.  After his semester with Thinking Beyond Borders, he then went on to attend Franklin and Marshall College where he majored in Creative Writing with a minor in Geoscience.  He now works as a Land Program Coordinator for Canyonlands Field Institute.  Read more about his journey below!


How has your gap experience influenced/contributed to your academic and professional goals?
Latin America Gap Semester exposed me to the myriad ways people can learn about the world through exploration. There’s plenty of learning to be done in the classroom setting, but I believe real world experiences are an untapped educational resource for young students. Currently, I lead multi day river trips, teaching geology and ecology curriculum along the way. My experiences with TBB helped shape my desire to influence students to care about the various communities, global, local, or otherwise, in which they live.
How did your gap year influence your approach to social justice?
EGS exposed me to a variety of perspectives with respect to social justice.
What’s one piece of advice you’d have for anyone considering taking a gap year?
Take your time to look at different programs (TBB or otherwise) to find the right fit. Make sure to establish clear goals for your year and to provide meaningful support systems or other structures to help you achieve those goals…. Whatever you do, don’t waste your own time!
That’s some great advice!  Thanks for sharing with us, Brennan.