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Thinking Beyond Borders is a 501c3 educational non-profit. Our mission is to empower and inspire students through education to address critical global issues. As committed educators, we design and lead international educational programs for students to prepare for a lifetime of commitment to creating meaningful social impact. Our programs represent the cutting edge of gap year study abroad for students in the college transition. In this video of Founder & CEO Robin Pendoley explains TBB’s Theory of Change and debuts the early results of our first impact assessment.

We Believe

  • We are living in an increasingly global society.
  • Our global society faces immense challenges.
  • The challenges of poverty, environmental destruction, public health, and social oppression create serious conflicts around the world.
  • Facing these serious conflicts, individuals often feel ill-equipped to create proactive change.
  • Proactive change is action through dynamic understanding of communities and global issues.
  • Dynamic understanding begins with education that engages communities through experiential learning and critical thought.
  • Thinking Beyond Borders is a powerful educational opportunity that benefits the global society.

With Thinking Beyond Borders

About Thinking Beyond Borders Gap Year Programs Ecuador

  • Education is purposeful.
  • Identifying personal relationships with global issues is critical for meaningful conclusions.
  • The reciprocal relationship between the student and teacher allows each to learn and to build new conclusions.
  • “Understanding” is a continuous process of experiencing, learning, and reflecting.
  • The product of education is a skilled learner, not memorized information.
  • Critical thought and experiential learning develop dynamic understanding and an informed worldview.
  • Education is purposeful when translated into action.
To learn more about Thinking Beyond Borders’ gap year programs, philosophy, and work in international education, please see our blog.

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