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Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interview Sophie
Sophie joins Julia to discuss her Latin America Gap Semester, as well as her experience as a German student on the program. Sophie wanted to take a gap year initially because she was burned out from her high school and wanted to travel and see the world. When she found TBB, her initial goals for
Global Gap Year Alumni Interview Johnny
Johnny, a recent graduate of TBB’s global gap year 2017, discusses his decision to take a gap year and the incredible experience he had. He felt burned out from his rigorous high school and knew he’d be going to college–so why not wait a year before going? His cousin had taken a gap year so
Global Gap Year Alumni Interview Patty
Patty discusses her Global Gap Year (2016) experience with Scott Ingram. Patty joins the call from the University of Denver, where she is currently a freshman. She decided to take a gap year during her senior year, when she discovered that learning can happen outside the classroom, with experience that a college couldn’t provide. She
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 / Published in Global Gap Year Alumni Interviews
Global Gap Year Program Erika Alumni Interview
Erika joins Scott to talk about her experience on Thinking Beyond Borders’ 2014 global gap year program. Erika is now a junior at Trinity College in Connecticut, double majoring in African History and Human Rights studies, with an Arabic minor. After TBB, Erika spent a year abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, where she began
Krisz Gap Year Alumni Interview
Krisz joins Kasha to talk about the Latin America Gap Semester that they both participated in the Fall of 2015. Krisz is now at Franklin & Marshall College as a student, and Kasha is one of TBB’s Alumni Fellows and served as a program leader on Krisz’s trip. As a collegiate athlete, Krisz was only
Mattie Gap Year Alumni Interview
Mattie joins Kasha to talk about her Global Gap Year with TBB in 2014-2015. Mattie discusses how she was always the student who was prepared and ready for college–even at a very young age. She realized during her junior year in high school that she was learning for the sake of achievement instead of for