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Mattie Gap Year Alumni Interview
Mattie joins Kasha to talk about her Global Gap Year with TBB in 2014-2015. Mattie discusses how she was always the student who was prepared and ready for college–even at a very young age. She realized during her junior year in high school that she was learning for the sake of achievement instead of for
Noah Global Gap Year Alumni Interview
Noah speaks about his global gap year with Thinking Beyond Borders in 2016 with Kasha (GGY ‘11 and Alumni Fellow ‘16). Noah found TBB because he was looking for a program with a sense of purpose and direction, and loved TBB’s authentic approach to education and travel. Noah discusses the transformative work projects that his
Vanessa Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interview
Vanessa and Kasha talk about their Latin America Semester in Fall 2015; Vanessa as a student and Kasha as the Alumni Fellow program leader. Vanessa’s path to her gap semester with TBB began after her first year in college, when she evaluated her freshman year on a college campus and realized she was “going through
Lauren Kaitlyn Asia Gap Semester Alumni Interview
Lauren and Kaitlyn join the alumni hangout with Kasha to chat about their experience on the Asia Gap Semester in the fall of 2014. They begin by talking about the amazing relationships that their semester brought, and the incredible group of students they got to experienced India, Thailand, and Cambodia with. In fact, they are
Emma Sophie Latin America Gap Semester Alumni Interview
Emma and Sophie chat with Julia, TBB’s alumni fellow, about their Latin America Semester this past fall, 2016. Emma and Sophie join this call from Nicaragua, where they are together on the second semester of their gap year. Emma and Sophie talk a lot about what it means to be on their gap year right
Thursday, 23 July 2015 / Published in Alumni Spotlight
Jamie Spence, a 2014 Global Gap Year and Barnstable High School alumna, now studies at Fordham University. Here she discusses why transitioning to college was easy after her gap year, dealing with the inner-conflict that she felt while working in communities abroad, and what she has to reconcile before traveling abroad again. How would you describe your transition to college