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Thursday, 22 August 2019 / Published in Global Gap Year Alumni Interviews, Uncategorized
Zach Shapiro is an alumni of our Global Gap Year 18/19 and is attending Ohio State University this Fall. Thanks for sharing your experience, Zach! As I prepare to move in to my freshman year dorm at Ohio State University next week, I have been feeling so many emotions. Excitement, anticipation, and a dash of
Sunday, 18 August 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
Meet Emma, an alumna of our Latin America Gap Semester 2016.  Emma went on to attend the University of Colorado as an Environmental Studies major.  Keep reading for her full interview!   How has your gap experience influenced/contributed to your academic and professional goals? The more time that has passed since my gap year the
Sunday, 11 August 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
  Meet Olivia, an alumna of our Global Gap Year 2014 cohort! After her year abroad with Thinking Beyond Borders, she went on to attend Colorado College and now has a thriving career with Venture Capital!  Olivia was even featured in an article by Green Alpha Advisors for her time with Thinking Beyond Borders and
Sunday, 04 August 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
Meet Annika, an alumna of our Latin America Fall Gap Semester 2018!  After her semester with Thinking Beyond Borders, Annika continued traveling for the second half of her gap year.  Next year she will be attending Williams College and she is still undecided about her major (no rush, Annika!).  Continue reading for her full interview.  If
Sunday, 28 July 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
Clare is an alumna of our Latin America Gap Semester 2017.  She then went on to the University of Vermont to study Environmental Studies and Studio Art and she now works as a current writing and research intern at Interlock Media in Boston.  What an impressive resume!   “Inspired by my time learning about environmental
A blog post from Kacie, an alumna from our Latin America Gap Semester Fall 2018.  You can check out her full blog right here!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful words with us, Kacie ❤ “Social media is a powerful tool. Yet, social media also tends to be a platform where people feel validated in their