A Letter to My Fellow Social Justice Advocates in the Social Media Age

A blog post from Kacie, an alumna from our Latin America Gap Semester Fall 2018.  You can check out her full blog right here!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful words with us, Kacie ❤

“Social media is a powerful tool.

Yet, social media also tends to be a platform where people feel validated in their lack of real action.
When taking a second out of their day to post spreading awareness about a topic, people tend to rationalize their “good person” duty as complete.

While spreading awareness about a topic you are passionate about and feel others could benefit from knowing is a noble cause, and one I partake in often, it is only the first step in actual progress, and does little good unless followed up on.
The purpose of spreading awareness is getting people to the bare minimum — knowing something is going on — and once you have established that, to act, to do something to help those you are making everyone ‘aware’ of.

Awareness is the very necessary base. Taking action is where humanity happens and a difference is made.

Yes, post about this human rights issue! Retweet that social justice account! Be an advocate!
Just don’t let your social media presence lull you into complacency.

You can be the loudest social justice warrior on the internet, but who’s to say if anyone you are shouting from the digital rooftops to is taking that next step to action, and making a tangible difference?
Again I say, spreading awareness is the step one, bare minimum; you are doing important work, and that work does not end there.
Be passionate everywhere you go, be willing to learn and willing to step into new roles as opportunities to do good present themselves, because they will, daily!

Do not let Human Empathy and Advocacy be a passing trend! Live it out!

You can do so much good. There is so much good to be done. Your voice matters and in this day and age, you have countless ways to use it, and so many causes worth supporting.

Hold yourself, your friends, your family, your barista, your high school english teacher, your dog’s playmate’s owner, that guy you met when you dropped your keys that one time, accountable.

Continue to shout from those rooftops.

When news cycles forget, remind people. Then seek out ways to get involved. Share those ways. Talk to people, get them involved too.

People want to do good. Use your platforms to act on that, know you can always do more, and never be complacent.
You are powerful and there are so many ways to go beyond the screen.

You can be the good.

Someone Trying”