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Come find your purpose and direction by seeking lasting solutions to humanity’s most critical issues. TBB offers one and two-semester gap year programs to develop the skills you’ll need to create effective change.


Take a gap year with purpose. Travel, live, and learn with an exceptional group
of peers and program leaders while finding direction for college and life.


TBB programs include homestays in multiple cultures, providing a new appreciation of diversity and the shared human experience.

Safety &

Since 2007, TBB has been designing and running industry leading programs that place safety, quality, and powerful learning as our highest priorities.


Meaningful learning happens when we confront complex issues and think critically about solutions. TBB programs place students alongside local experts as they work to improve their communities.

Solutions-Focused Curriculum

Powerful learning is the result of asking critical questions of ourselves and the world. TBB’s curriculum challenges students to process their experiences and identify solutions to critical global issues.


Thinking Beyond Borders is an educational institution helping students prepare for careers that improve our world. We believe meaningful learning comes from engaging directly with issues affecting people in the real world.

Our programs go beyond just exposure to other cultures. TBB students live within communities, work alongside committed change leaders, develop a deeper understanding of the world, and identify their capacity to create meaningful impact.

TBB’s staff and Program Leaders are professional educators dedicated to providing exceptional learning environments that support student growth. Each team member brings a combination of expertise in international development, education, and organizational leadership.

Our History

Thinking Beyond Borders was founded in 2007 with the mission to empower and inspire students through education to address critical global issues. We are proud to be the very first gap year provider accredited by the American Gap Association.


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“TBB changed the way that I looked at the world. It changed the way I looked at other people. Most importantly, perhaps, it helped me connect global issues of injustice and understand that these problems were systemic… It opened my eyes and there is truly not a day that goes by where I do not think about the people I worked with and lived with during my time as a TBB student. Keeping them in my head and my heart inspires me to continue to work towards social justice and ignites my passion to be an agent of change each and every day.”

Charlotte Robertson

Global Gap Year 2014
“It’s really difficult for me to imagine my college life without TBB. The experiences I had on my gap year informed all of my choices in college. More than anything, taking a gap year exposed me to new opportunities and made me more confident. I was bold enough to take chances and pursue them."

Rachel Jordan

Global Gap Year 2011

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