Donors 2012

Thank You to the Many Who Contributed!

The donations of generous members of the TBB community help provide gap year scholarships for TBB programs for gap year students who have financial need.

Inspiration Donors – $25,000 and more
The Evans Family Foundation
Paul & Debby Kuenstner

Leadership Donors – $10,000 – $24,999
Mary & Mark Edwards
The Foster Family Fund
Mark & Kate Mai
The Rounds Family Foundation

Visionary Donors – $5,000 – $9,999
Blair and Nancy Burlingame
Steven Cardinale & Mehrnaz Mahallati
Nan and Randal Freeman
Peggy Hedberg
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Tim and Melissa Koller
Larry Title

Global Citizen Donors – $2,500 – 4,999
James & Erin Moorhead
Scott and Stacy Semel
Richie and Deanna Tatum

Empowerment Donors – $1,000 – $2,499
Fred Ausubel & Stephanie Bird
Martha & Toby Brooks
Cynthia Brown
John Bryan & Nancy White
Guy Haselmann
Diane Foye
Marcy Elkind
Ducksoo & Eunjoo Kim
Mark & Martha Laubacher
Patricia May
Carolyn Moss & Dan Hawkins
David & Tammy Phinney
Jim Porter & Elyse Rabinowitz
Ann & Richard Reindollar
The Rockdale Foundation
Chris Verdini
Linda Whitton

Core Donors – $250 – $999
Joshua Alkin
Anthony & Maryellen Canuel
James Coulter
Teresa & Tom Healy
Judy & Scott Honican
David & Kathryn Linich
Joanne Marqusee & Larry Mottley
John Moorhead, Sr.
Heather Stakich
Jack & Bernadette Staph
T Clark & Lucy Weymouth

Action Donors – $50 – $249
Merry Craig
Beverly Cutler
Jim Dow
Ryan FitzGerald
Mary Ann & Jack Harris
Randy & Debbie Jones
James Kingsley
Pam Kirk
Judy Kramer
Robert Lewis
Chris Mack
Mary Prentice
Ben & Sarah Snyder
Whitney Smith
Rebecca Taplin
Janet Webb
Mary Whiting

Contributing Donors
Nathan Cohen
Rajneesh Jain
Alison Marqusee
Garry & Debbie Newkirk
Allison Roeser