Donors 2011

Thank You to the Many Who Contributed!

The donations of generous members of the TBB community help provide gap year scholarships for students accepted to TBB gap year programs who have financial need.

Inspiration Donors – $25,000 and more
The Rounds Family Foundation
Debby and Paul Kuenstner

Leadership Donors – $10,000 – $24,999
Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Visionary Donors – $5,000 – $9,999
Blair and Nancy Burlingame
Steven Cardinale and Mehrnaz Mahallati
Martha and Toby Brooks

Global Citizen Donors – $2,500 – 4,999
The Foster Family Foundation
Peggy Hedberg
James and Erin Moorhead
Elyse Rabinowitz and Jim Porter
Santa Ynez Valley Rotary

Empowerment Donors – $1,000 – $2,499
Fred Ausubel and Stephanie Bird
B George Ballman
Frances Ballman
Tom Barry
Ethan Brown
Marcy Elkind
Jon Falker
Diane Foye
Tod M. Hunt, Jr
Sally Jones
Clint Kollar
David and Kathleen Nelson
Jackson Prentice
Ann and Richard Reindollar
Alison and Geoffrey Rusack
Richie and Deanna Tatum
Larry Title
Christopher Verdini
Brad Wilford
John Bryan & Nancy White

Core Donors – $250 – $999
Gene Ackerman
Bullpen Temps
Anthony and Maryellen Canuel
Tod and Linda Chmar
The Cleary Family
James Coulter
Daniel and Pamela Doiron
Marilyn Doyle
Jon Dudkowski
Henry and Betsy Grosman
Richard Hogan
Judy and Scott Honican
Richad Kirk
Brenda and John Lis
McMorrow Savarese LLC
John Moorhead, Sr.
Carolyn Moss and Dan Hawkins
Mark and Dorian Polite Family Fund
Sam Riber
Jen Sheen
Whitney Smith
Howard and Carole Spencer
Jack and Bernadette Staph
Vital Care Charitable Foundation

Action Donors – $50 – $249
Alireza and Sarah Alijani
Abdulkader and Suha Alkadry
Stephen and Ladawn Baity
Francis and Tamara Barron
Shawn and Lorri Lee Barrow
BBM Structural Engineers
Hayden and Philip Behnke
Mark Bell
David Birnbaum
Roy and Patricia Bower-Jernigan
BrandJuice Consulting
Laura and Edward Carney
David Carpenter
Susan and James Chomeau
Virgina and Ronald Cline
Francis and Meg Connolly
Julia Coulombe
Merry and Donald Craig
Beverly Cutler
Nicholas Danella
Gary Davirro
Janet Fiacco
Ryan FitzGerald
Melissa Eliot
Ian and Susan Griffis
Kenneth and Traci Grigg
Stephen and Amanda Gurr
Douglas and Linda Hardy
Mary Ann Harris
David Hearn
Jill Hess
John Howe
Bruce and Heidi Hoyt
William and Colleen Hrabrick
Jack Jennings
Amy and Scott Johnson
Randy and Debbie Jones
James Kingsley
Edmund and Sabra Knauf
Katharine Kurtz
Marc Laborsky
Diana Lawrence
Robert Lewis
Rudy and Debbie Linich
Josephine Lis
Steven Lis and Elizabeth Woods
Susan Lis
Lynn Mendenhall and Olivier Katz
Gregory and Valerie McGowan
Mary and Michael Moynihan
Christopher Mueller
Gretchen Mueller
W.F. and Shirley Nicholson
Kathryn O’Donnell Gibson
Afam Onyema
Lee Phillips
Caroline Rassenfoss
John and Karyn Robson
Thomas and Elizabeth Roehlk
Beth Rotenberg
Frank and Anne Rowe
Ruby and Rochon Inc
Althea Rudd
Audra Schlegel
D.R. Schneider
Nick and Megan Slee
Ben and Sarah Snyder
Heather Stakich
Margaret Stortz
Robert Swanson
Joshua Taft
Marion Taylor
Rebecca Taplin
Ilene Todd
Kerry and Gary Vickers
Janet Webb
Mary Whiting and Rick Traub

Contributing Donors
Charles and Susan Bean
Mary L Brown
G Keith Carpenter
Deborah and Steven Claydon
Nathan Cohen
R Kenneth Derick
Joan Emerson White
David and Laura Eral
Muriel Farla and Ramon Gonzalez
Aloysius and Wanda Graminski
Lisa Grassfield
Robert and Margaret Hilton
Helen Jackson
Stuart and Amy Jorgensen
Shyam Kankotia
Alan Kirk
Julia Koeppe Architects
John Lundeen and Donna Walker
Chris Mack
Dion and Lydia Marsham
Meaghan McCabe
Sherman Miller
Garry and Debra Newkirk
Ashwin Ramanathan
Alexander and Cynthia Read
Wilma Shepherd
Kim Sidor
Jane Steffan
Michael and Amy Stevens
J Gregory Thomas
David and Stephanie Tryba
Thomas and Kathleen Tyree
Jennifer Vandenberg