Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Gap Year Student Profiles South AfricaThinking Beyond Borders gap year programs are designed for students who are passionate learners and are committed to addressing critical global issues. The profiles below provide some sense of who a typical TBB gap year student is. While many excel in the classroom, others are stronger learners in experiential settings. All TBB students come seeking to learn about the world, themselves, and the potential they have to create meaningful change. To learn more about the TBB alumni, click any names that are linked to explore their blogs, features of their work in our newsletters, and other sites featuring their accomplishments.

Class of 2009:

  • Gap Year Student Profiles ThailandEmily A., Bowdoin College
  • Lily B., Kenyon College
  • Ian C., Rice University
  • Katie C., Stanford University
  • Noah D., Kenyon College
  • Alexandra D., New York University
  • Alexis K., Earlham College
  • John K., Dartmouth College
  • Liz K., Columbia University
  • Katie R., George Mason University
  • Renee S., Barnard College
  • David S., Hamilton College
  • Becca T., Brown University
  • Zach T., University of Illinois

Class of 2010:

  • Gap Year Student Profiles Peru

    Marianna B., Tulane University

  • Bridget C., Naropa University
  • Shawn C., University of Vermont
  • Lucy G., University of Texas at Austin
  • Frances K., University of California at Santa Cruz
  • Genevieve M., Brown University
  • Sam P., Brandeis University
  • Jonny R., Harvard University
  • Zander R., Georgetown University
  • Lindsay S., Colorado College
  • Silviano V., Earlham College
  • Colin W., University of Chicago

Class of 2011:

Gap Year Student Profiles India

  • Connor B., Yale University
  • Mary B., Tulane University
  • Eirann C., Williams College
  • Kasha C., Brigham Young University at Hawaii
  • McKinley F., Colorado University at Boulder
  • Faith G., Boston University
  • Lauren H., Middlebury College
  • Rachel J., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Hannah N., Davidson College
  • Madeline P., Colgate University
  • Luisa R., Boston University
  • Rayn R., Tufts University
  • Jon R., Harvard University

Class of 2012:

  • Gap Year Student Profiles EcuadorBrennan G., Franklin & Marshall College
  • Gus R., Franklin & Marshall College
  • Matt S., American School of International Service
  • Teddy R., University of Southern California
  • Michael H., Franklin & Marshall College
  • Arden H., Wheaton College
  • Chris C., University of Northern Colorado
  • Claire M., Washington University
  • Conner T., Southern Methodist University
  • Hope C., Rutgers University
  • Julia J., Syracuse University
  • Karelle F., Yale University
  • Katie H., Mount Holyoke College
  • Mijal G., University of Texas at Austin
  • Sarah E., Warren Wilson College
  • Thomas C., Colorado College
  • Alison M., Haverford College
  • Andrew K., Harvard University
  • Ben T., University of Georgia
  • Connor E., Bowdoin College
  • Haley B., College of Charleston
  • Katherine K., Northwestern University
  • Kelsey P., Wellesley College
  • Lizzie M., New York University
  • Maggie S., Santa Clara University
  • Michele L., University of Florida
  • Nicole M., Quest College

Class of 2013:

  • Alli A., Tufts University
  • Kate A., Carleton College
  • Virginia H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ryan H., Loyola University of Maryland
  • Yoni K., University of Michigan
  • Ben K., Cornell University
  • Karl L., American University
  • Matthew M., University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Auggie M., Gettysburg College
  • Ian M., Fort Lewis College
  • Ali P., Dartmouth College
  • Clare P., Georgetown University
  • Patrick R., Trinity University
  • Franziska S., London Metropolitan University
  • Chase W., UMASS Amherst
  • Georgie W., University of Edinburgh
  • Kristen W., Colgate University
  • Tarai Z., Scripps College