Gap Year Financial Aid

Gap Year Programs Funding

TBB provides financial assistance to ensure all qualified applicants are able to participate. All of our scholarships are need-based and are awarded as a match for student fundraising efforts. Students who qualify for scholarship are strongly encouraged to fundraise through our partnership with Indiegogo. Depending on the student’s level of financial need, TBB may match funds raised by the student through Indiegogo.

TBB determines financial need the same way colleges do. Scholarship applicants share information similar to what colleges use to determine financial aid packages. However, we understand that a gap year comes in addition to the cost of college. We subtract $10,000 from your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC then determines your financial need and the maximum matching scholarship that you are eligible to receive from TBB.

Our fundraising partner Indiegogo is a crowd-funding platform. It’s a tool to create momentum and attract donors to your campaign. TBB staff will support student fundraising efforts and promote student campaigns through social media. We’ve had strong success helping applicants to our gap year programs raise the funds needed for tuition.

Download our Financial Aid Application:

Gap Year Programs Financial Aid Application

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